Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Autumn Gratitude...Beside Still Waters

Sun washed early morn –
Dampened grasses dew bent low –
In heavy mornings weight –
Diamonds...liquid clings exquisite to branches pine–
Micro mirrors dazzle...wonder reflected –
Trails hidden...but, to a few –
Ribbons green run just off planks of tarmac black –

Simultaneously –

Mad rushes after mad, passing, crazy, north –
Metal nostrils buried into tails like steeds in heat, seeing naught at all–

Aside...come just aside it calls –
Trails, coniferous green...miles of sequestered forest...for taking free–
Stroll into quiet depths...broken solely –
With high hat play of distant woodpecker warmups –
Silence screams like pharmaceutical withdrawal –
Calling loud for addictive distraction...fill this gaping void –

Blue diaphanous mists breeze sensuous cross sunburned neck –
Cool translucent kisses caress a wet and furrowed brow –
Then...like passing flowers, melt with wisps of smile –
Mockingly here...and gone –
Dissipated memory.

Through back lit forest floor...regal grouse, she struts her stuff –
Shouting literary memory –
I’m OK...you OK?...and pharisaically clucks off –

I turn, an old familiar left –
Trail burned memory like synapse routes forged deep and long –
Decades of burnt out long neglect –

Come to waters edge the Master calls –
Tears of recall –
Just up and to the right –
The place we used to sit, chat, plan and ponder –
Yes, and...hope –
Small tranquil pool...known only to pintail, stag, the doe...and me.

It is here –
I used to come...lost alone in silence long – 
Worshipful...with gratitude for all bestowed –


The long lamentation years –
The dark –
The cracked and dry...the loss with desert heat –
Lips split, and spitting blood –
Throat parched gravel...angry wandering –
Black holes and endless numb through fogs of grey –

Ah –

Cups with water cool –
Refreshment proffered –
Small band of caring few –
Reaching out, obedient touch –
In Jesus’ name...

Hints of restoration...and then again –
Periods long with silence scream –
Freedoms distance on the move –
A shimmering mirage?
Too good to be called true?


In kind pursuit He called again –
In providence He brings to view –
The pawn moved there –
The rook afar –
He brought them close –
Then pushed away –
The bishop, knight and queen –
And each...He used to Him direct –
The King –
Of undisputed love –


Yes, a sign of freedoms ring –
It does exist –
Yet deeply laid ‘neath layered sludge –
In crevice, broken...shriveled soul...with filters clogged –
Shalom resides...and moves toward the light –


Words of rescue –
Again resound –
Short notes of sacrificial love are read –
Streams found in crusted desert space –
The springs begin to gurgle forth –
Return in slow parade...as –
Shoots of green with purpose raise –
Visage shy while mists of blue dissolve –
With hopeful rays as affirmations touch are brought.

He waits...and yes, initiates...from others wounded hands and feet –
Ready to attend and serve...and more...embrace –
To fill the void that never filled –
With drops of hope and streams of grace –
For me –
For you –
A very present help in times of long and stumbling trouble –
Gratitude resumed.

Soli Deo Gloria
J. Douglas Thompson...SDG
Copyright 2012